Minggu, 17 Maret 2013

Contoh teks deskripsi


Hello everybody !!
My Name is Nastiti Puji Rahayu. I was the second child of two brothers. I have one brother, his name is Hariyadi Widodo. At home he is often called "Dodo". My brother is very handsome, smart, kind and very fond of all the family. He is tall, rather  fat, and her straight black hair. He has brown skin and a snub nose like me. His face is very similar to me, so if we going together, everyone can learn from the similarity of our face that we are brothers.
My brother has a wife and one son. His wife name is Kasih and his son name is Ardi. His son just a year old. My brother very love with his family. He want to make his little family into a happy family. He always give the best for his little family and very wise in building this little family.
My brother like a music, almost all the instruments could be played like a guitar, drums, piano, etc. To develop his talents in the music, he opened a music studio for rent to the public. Beside his talent in music, my brother also has a very high entrepreneurial spirit. Now, he already has his own business. He has set up a counter which fairly successful. He is very good at managing money.
However, behind it all he is very stern, does not like a joke, and irritability. If he was angry he would scold everyone with a flushed face. I’m is very afraid when he angry and has a problem. But, even so I still love her. I Love my brother very much !!! ^^

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